Posted by: fbristow | October 11, 2008

Gathering at MUCS Oct 15th at 5:30PM

Alliance Romaine is having a welcome home gathering, to share a slideshow
of pictures and to discuss upcoming projects. The group paddled for 48
days this summer on the Romaine River, one of Quebec’s largest untouched
rivers. The expedition took them from the headwaters to the mouth of the
river and through a pristine and awe-inspiring ecosystem. Alliance Romaine
paddled the river to celebrate this amazing Quebec wilderness and to
protest Hydro-Quebec’s upcoming project to dam the river.

The gathering will take on Wednesday October 15th, 17:30-19:00, at MUCS
(the Montreal Urban Community Sustainment) at 2000 Northcliffe #218,
located a block away from Vendome Metro. Please feel free to bring friends
and a little pot luck dish to snack on.



  1. Quebec has no oil, and must rely on very poor and weak Solar at best, cannot risk being one engineering mistake away from Armageddon with nuclear, has no place to put the toxic wastes anyway! Wind, Hydro, and Tidal, are the only resources Quebec has – Geothermal is absent, and with no coal deposits, energy-wise they are Euchred! Here’s hoping the Hydro-Quebec engineers will absolutely maximize every Hydro opportunity they have! Hydro is a renewable, or in simple terms, perpetual source of power! Hopefully they will use some of it for manufacturing at home, and sell finished products, instead of following previous examples and exporting it all to the Americans. Environmental issues can be weighed against the common good, and all can be served fairly. Remember, Quebec has huge acres of untouched “Environment” and only a few viable Hydro opportunities!

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