Posted by: fbristow | April 23, 2009

More than 5500 citizens agree that the proposed Romaine River dams are unsustainable and unnecessary

(Quebec, April 23, 2009)- Alliance Romaine, a grassroots environmental group protesting against the planned dams on the Romaine River, has collected over 5500 signatures of citizens who also believe that the Romaine River should not be damned. The petition, presented today to the National Assembly by Member Amir Khadir, is a clear demonstration of the outrage of citizens from across Quebec.

Signatures were collected from large and small cities alike, including Quebec City, Victoriaville, Trois Rivieres, Kuujjuaq and Ekuanitshit.

“On top of being a hydroelectric project which is too large and disruptive to be recognized as sustainable by such organizations as US Renewable Energy Production Incentive, the BAPE report clearly stated that further study was necessary to understand the great risks posed by the project,” said Chris Scott, spokesperson for Alliance Romaine.

“Line Beauchamp, Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, is scheduled to give her formal opinion of the Romaine River project by the end of April,” said Fran Bristow, spokesperson for Alliance Romaine. “Her opinion must reflect the voices of this petition- the voices standing up for conservation not for development without demand.”

Through the Obama administration’s Green energy plan, large scale hydroelectric dams, like the one planned for the Romaine River, are not considered green, and will not be eligible for any subsidies.

“As we stated in our petition, it is essential that Quebec’s political authorities support and commit to a sincere long-term vision focusing on the Earth and its people rather than over-consumption and profit,” said Mr. Scott, “Quebec currently has a surplus of electricity, the US does not need or want our electricity, and Quebec will only try export this electricity to the detriment of the natural ecosystems and the local people of the North Shore.”

“Conservation programs are the key,” added Mr. Scott, “Mme Beauchamp must recognize the significant dissonance against destroying one of the last large rivers our beautiful province has. The Romaine River project must be cancelled.”


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