Posted by: rosemary | November 23, 2009

To our fearless marathoners!

An enormous Thank You! The marathon definitely would not have been possible without all of our runners and walkers! Listed in the order in which they participated:

Steve Leckman
Sam Rovnak
Christopher Scott
Steven Kaal
Nick Annejohn
Christopher Adlam
Rosemary Roberts
Rocky Decoursay
Soledad Delgado
Giroflée Arsenault
Geneviève Huchette
Simon Meloche
Courtney Kirkby
Rick Peyser
Stephane Gunner
Olivier Huard
David Tacium
Anita Tapia Roussiouk
Eby Heller
Lyne Taillefer
Sean Kropveld
Joey Leckman
Julien Leckman
Benoît Côté
Guillaume Internoscia
Clémentine Sallée
Stefanie Dimitrovas
Madeleine Combs

Thank you a thousand times over, and may our rivers continue to run freely!


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