Alliance Romaine to Accompany Innu of Uashat-Maliotenam on Highway Blockade East of Sept-Îles

Highway Blockade March 7th

Excerpt from a press release:

Sept-Iles, March 5, 2012. As of today, activists from the Alliance Romaine will accompany Innu from the Uashat-Maliotenam Reserve who will begin a blockade of Route 138 with the aim of stopping work at Hydro-Quebec’s mega-construction site on the Romaine River.

In answering the call sent by this community, the Alliance Romaine is proud to be in solidarity with this First Nation which will see transmission lines from the Romaine project pass through its territory, situated to the east of Sept-Iles.

Since 2008, the Alliance Romaine has waged a political campaign to prevent construction of four dams on the river of the same name, which empties into a national park and safeguards the region’s biodiversity. The group denounces the fact that in its rush to promote this project the Charest government has allowed itself to cut corners regarding both Innu territorial claims and environmental protection.

“Mr. Charest wants to impose his ideological vision of a Plan Nord, which unfortunately respects neither local realities nor concerns,” says Christopher Scott, spokesperson for the Alliance Romaine. “In insisting on constructing the transmission lines on the territory of a community which has already rejected this option twice by referendum, M. Charest displays the same attitude which prompted him to authorize prospecting for uranium in the municipality of Sept-Iles when the people of Sept-Iles were against it.”

Defenders of the land!

The Innus of Uashat-Maliotenam have announced their intention to close the route to trucks on their way to the Romaine construction site during the entire month of March, and Alliance Romaine will be proud to support them throughout this period



  1. Now it’s August 2012 and the Innu and a representative from your group have just been to the Governors Conference in VT. Is it possible to update your website so current information is easy to find? People here in the US need to know about the history of Hydro Quebec, the destruction of land, people, and wildlife, the mercury in the water, the consequences of flooding. We need to hear it. Have you been in touch with the people opposing the Northern Pass? Even Gov. Shumlin is trying to portray the power as green. Is there really a surplus of power now? Will the need for power continue to increase? Will reliance on the grid lessen? WIthout changes in our consumption of electricity and our means of producing it, there will be an endless demand for more power. We all need to be encouraged to take personal responsibility. We need small power generation, distributed wherever it is most needed.

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