Towards an Innu Spring

Excerpt from a press release issued March 10th


Sept-Iles, 3/10/12

Alliance Romaine wishes to reaffirm its solidarity with the Innu of Uashat-Maliotenam after yesterday evening’s dismantling of the blockade of Rte. 138 east of Sept-Iles. The environmental group accompanied the Innu during the five days of their action, which was intended to disrupt supplies to Hydro-Quebec’s mega-worksite on the Romaine River. Last year, in two consecutive referendums, the community voted against allowing transmission lines from dams to be built on the river to cross their territory.

“Alliance Romaine supports the Innu claims,” said the group’s spokesperson Christopher Scott. “A police action like the one we saw yesterday solves nothing and will not prevent future protests.”

Among other things, the group faults the Charest government for having authorized the construction of four dams on the Romaine in 2009 without having resolved territorial disputes or conducted an environmental impact assessment regarding future transmission lines.

Alliance Romaine members show solidarity with Innu blockade March 5th.

Since 2009, Alliance Romaine has worked to protect the Romaine River. It condemns the ambitions of the Province’s northern development strategy, known as the Plan Nord, which shows a flagrant disregard for the concerns of the diverse communities that live on the territory in question.

“At this point it could not be clearer that M. Charest does not have the consent of the Innu to construct the transmission lines, nor does he have the approval of the people of Quebec to carry out the destruction of one of our last rivers with an eye to subsidizing mining companies by supplying them with cheap electricity,” Scott continued.

“Alliance Romaine will continue to work with our Innu allies and wishes to do its part to create a new relationship between Quebec and the First Nations, which will be different in every way from the one prevailing today.”

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